Mega Plus + Porsche Pack 1 Year


Our Mega Plus + Porsche IPTV
Live Tv = 35,191
Movies = 99,229
Series = 473,481
World Class Service
All of Your Favorite Channels
Live TV, Series, 24/7s & VOD
Adult Channels Optional
All USA Local Channels: ABC, CBS, FOX & NBC
USA and International Sports
Channels From  Over 50 Countries & 6 Continents
All Devices Supported
Simple Payment Process
Fast Activation
24/7 Email Support
No Freezing, Buffering or Lagging
Internet Access Required

A better alternative to hulu live, any netflix subscription, cable TV and satellite TV. Cut the cord and get our iptv-streaming services. Get our Mega Plus + Porsche IPTV Combo iptv package today. Mega Plus + Porsche TV Combo Uptime: 100%. Mega Plus + Porsche IPTV Combo works with all devices: MAG, M3U (VLC) Android boxes, Amazon Fire Stick, PCs, Smart TVs, Android Smart Phones & Tablets.

Mega Plus + Porsche IPTV Combo has channels in standard definition (SD) and in high definition (1080p HD). There is no freezing, no buffering, and no frustrating blackouts. You are able to enjoy the service for as long as your subscription remains valid without any interruptions. Watch hundreds of your favorite live Tv Channels, latest Video on Demand movies and up-to-date Series. Included are Sports, News, Kids, Music, Premium Channels and much more.

If you are serious about your entertainment in watching TV, then get a backup. Use the Mega Plus + Porsche IPTV combo iptv package as a perfect backup solution. This ensures that if one iptv package goes into maintenance mode or is down for some other reason, then you can always select and watch the next package. In fact most devices can handle up to eight (8) packages to choose from on the same device. This guarantees that you will always have tons of premium channels to watch 24/7 all the time.

REQUIREMENTS: Internet access with 3mbps to 5mbps download speed to watch standard definition (SD) channels and 7mbps download speed to watch high definition (HD) channels.  A satellite dish antennae is NOT required!

Mega Plus


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