The Platinum Package
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Platinum Pack



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NOTE:    The Platinum Pack works with all devices: MAG,  M3U (VLC) Android boxes, Amazon FireTV Stick,  PCs, Smart TVs, Android Smart Phones & Tablets.

The Platinum Pack is among our most comprehensive, stable and reliable package.  Channels are in Standard Definition for those who prefer that and also channels are in High definition for those who prefer HD.  There are no freezing, no buffering, and no frustrating blackouts.  You are able to enjoy the service for as long as your subscription remains valid without any interruptions.  Watch over  3,000 Live Tv channels including Sports, News, Kids, Music.  There are Live Radio Stations, Video on Demand, 24/7s, TV Series and more.   There are channels from USA (including all US locals), UK,  Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, Africa, The Caribbean and all other countries.   Adult channels are optional.

REQUIREMENTS: Internet access with 3mbps to 5mbps download speed to watch standard definition (SD) channels and 7mbps download speed to watch high definition (HD) channels.  Contact us today, let us get you started!

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